Friday, 3 August 2012

Wilder Web

Infographics using the Olympic Rings. (via Tangerina)

This is pretty cool ~ Five guys return to the same vacation spot every five years since 1982 & recreate the same photo. (via Blue Milk)

A sweet day out in New York City, dictated entirely by drawing random destinations out of a hat. (via Yes and Yes)

Amy Poehler is one of my favourite Wilder Women. Here are some of her wise words. (also via Yes and Yes)

A good piece on why Kristen Stewart should not have publicly apologised for her affair. (via Molly Crabapple)

Olympians with tattoos.

Cute Cute Cute pictures! (via Fosterhood in NYC)

Learning to lose like winners. Yes, it's another Olymics piece. Australian, but pretty relevant all round I'd say. (via Dean)

This pic sums up that above article quite nicely ~

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