Wednesday, 4 January 2012



~ Fresh flowers. Yes, again. I have the most amazing bunches of bright orange lilies in my house at the moment, and it makes us so happy to see them blooming away.
~ No scheduled casearean. After spending most of this pregnancy thinking I was going to be having a casearean, I found out last week that my Doctor is going to let me go full term to labour naturally. Which means a much better recovery for me after baby arrives.
~ The most wonderful Christmas and New Years. Both were lovely, relaxing holidays spent with family and good food. Perfection.
~ Good movies - Crazy, Stupid, Love & The Muppets both rate highly for me out of what I've seen in the last week.
~ Good books - I'm currently reading The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton.


~ Waiting for baby. Now that arrival date is unknown, I go between impatient bouts of 'Get this baby out of me now I want to meet it already' and panic attacks about how much I have to do before its arrival.