Monday, 19 December 2011

Oh Christmas Trees

I LOVE putting up my Christmas Tree on the first of December, & admiring its prettiness for the rest of the month. I usually buy a couple of decorations every year to add to my collection. These pics are far from great, but this is what my tree looks like. Pretty, sparkly, with lots of snowflakes and hearts, silver and mirrors.

One of this years new acquisitions, bought at a Christmas shop in Palmerston North.


These little kete were table favours at a friend's wedding.

Another new decoration from the Palmerston North Christmas shop.

Tinkerbell was a gift. The beaded heart (yes, that's a heart on the right) I bought years ago.

Mirrored snowflake bought last year at Just Good Stuff, the annual Christmas craft market at Thistle Hall. The marbled ball was a gift from my sister years and years ago. I think she bought it at The Gathering.

Bought last year at a jewellery store on Cuba Street.

Star on the top, bought at Borders.

And here's the Evil Genius tree, decorated by the clever Rosie and Ben. It smells divine.

Yep, that's Stevie Wonder at the top.

Gold painted 7" records.

Do you put up a tree? Real or fake? My tradition is to put it up on December first while watching Love Actually.

Stay Wilder,


Friday, 2 December 2011

What's in my bag ~ 2 Dec 2011

Bag ~ Hand-me-down from my friend Lisa
Jandals ~ Cos I'm breaking in a new pair of sandals & I needed these for when the blisters got too sore
Cell Phone ~ Hand-me-down from my sister
Scrapbook ~ Bought today to put baby stuff in
Inhalers ~ For to keep me breathing
Cowboy tin of band aids ~ Again because of the new sandals
Book ~ We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I just finished this. It was brilliant, if a little terrifying.
The Best Love Songs Ever! coin purse
My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes & The Girls of the Kapa Haka ~ Bought today with a voucher I was given at my baby shower

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wilder Wish List

It's the first of December! This is the day where I put up my christmas tree while watching Love Actually, while Apa makes fun of me for being corny. I love it.

Here's my dream christmas wish list.


Revlon's scented nail polish in Coconut Crush.

OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It


Kathryn Wilson Minty sandals in gold.

A pair of mean as high tops.



The entire Candied Ginger range from The Body Shop. Yes please.


Kris Atomic's Chronic Bitchface print.



A kimono style summer jacket.

A pair of black skinny jeans that fit me perfectly.


A 2012 diary.

There is thunder in our hearts tote bag.

So those are my current materialistic yearnings. What do you want to find under the tree on Christmas morning?

Stay Wilder,