Tuesday, 31 July 2012

100 New Recipes ~ Pesto & Cheese Scones

Part of my Life List challenge to try 100 new recipes ~ #4 Pesto & Cheese Scones


If you live in Wellington you've most likely heard that the annual Wellington on a Plate foodie festival is happening. One of the events being held is the Wellington Bake Club, where teams of four or more complete weekly baking challenges. I couldn't get a team of four together, but my sister-in-law & I are following along with the baking challenges anyway, just for fun.

The challenge for week one was savoury scones.

I used this recipe but added cheese, naturally. About a cup in the mix & some sprinkled on the top too. Next time I think I would double the recipe & double the thickness of the scones. Other than that this was a pretty easy recipe that turned out great. Delicious!

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