Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wilder Web

A dramatic reading of a one star restaurant review. Hilarious. (via Yum & Yuk)

Self portraits while on different drugs. (via Gala Darling)

I do love a good interior makeover story. This bathroom fix up is grand. (also via Gala Darling) This then led me to their bedroom makeover which I also love.

Dei Hamo made a bullshit homophobic comment on twitter & Tommy Ill called him out on it.

Dei Hamo then responded to Tommy Ill: It's just a joke.
Tommy Ill then responded to Dei Hamo's response: Your joke wasn't funny.

Top business advice ~ make an "I don't" list. (via Yes and Yes)

Another good Olympics infograph, this time comparing every medalist in the men's 100 metres. (via Nick)

New Zealand has marching girls, Japan has synchronised walking. Hilarious! And impressive.

Okay. so you've probably seen this already, but I love this woman:

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