Friday, 28 September 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ Tortilla Soup & Stuffed Jalapenos from the Mexican restaurant on Left Bank.

~ Spending quality time with friends.

~ Hearing really talented musicians jam.

~ Lying in bed at night listening to a freight train rumble past in the distance.

~ Ade in Britain.

~ Making Koko giggle.


~ I've been working on a piece of writing for a little while now & the other day my stupid computer skills had me lose a couple of paragraphs. Soooo frustrating.

~ Being unreliable & letting people down.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Wilder Web

Please excuse my posting absence. I went on away for a week & took a holiday from the internet. That is also why this week's Wilder Web is a little thinner than usual.

~ The Expat Aid Worker's Prayer. (via Tredene)

~ Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street. (via Nubby Twiglet) "I just kept thinking, “OMG, Mickey Rourke has touched your boobs (Angelheart!)!!!”"

~ This woman is just...incredible ~

(via Morgue)
~ I really want to organise my own Princess Camp.
~ I like the idea of a marriage advance (even though I'm not married yet).
~ In early 2001 I was lucky to spend a few days in pre-Katrina New Orleans. Gala Darling's write up of her visit there makes me want to go back so bad.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ When Koko wakes in the night & resettles herself.

~ Getting shit done.

~ I had my first night out since Koko's arrival & it was grand. Fun people, fantastic conversations & free drinks. Awesome! Massive thanks to Matt & Miri, our champion babysitters.

~ The internet! Or, more specifically, facebook chat. The other day I was having simultaneous online conversations with friends in Berlin & South Korea. Awesome!

~ Thunderpants.

~ My New Balance Cross Trainers. I've had them for years & they are still in excellent condition (& yes, I have had plenty of use out of them).

~ When everything falls into place.

~ We are heading north next week to Ngaruawahia, Raglan, Auckland & Warkworth. I am super excited to see so many good friends & family.

~ Last week within five minutes of internet perusing I came across two different links to this video:


~ Being in a grumpy mood.

~ Rosemary McLeod.

~ Running against the wind.

~ Camel toe. If you're reading this & you don't know what camel toe is, DON'T GOOGLE IT!

~ Kowhai has had a couple of days of being clingy & grizzly. Let me tell you, that shit gets old fast.

~ I missed the World Press Photo Exhibit for the first time in years. So gutted to find out it had finished before I saw it this year.

What do your Wilder & Tamer lists look like this week? I'd love to know.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wilder Web

Hey, equality loving New Zealanders! Here's how to make a select committee submission regarding the Marriage Amendment Bill. Choice! Do it!

Luxirare's Fall Style is pretty much perfection to me. An awesome combination of simple + street + tailoring + leather + hoodrat + fashion. Love it!

Pretty Pretty Pretty! Chanel has done a Bollywood inspired collection. I'll take that blue dress, thanks. (via Nubby Twiglet)

I can't decide if Burning Man would be amazing or a complete nightmare. Probably a bit of both. I do love these beautiful photos of Burning Man 2012 though. (also via Nubby Twiglet)

The playlist that helped turn Michael K. Williams into The Wire's Omar. (via Morgue)

WOW. This is the kind of intelligent & eloquent writing that I aspire to ~ Brother Ali on Homophobia & Hip Hop. (via Gala Darling) "I believe in my soul that people are precious and that everyone, based on their membership in the human family, qualifies for a certain level of basic dignity and respect."

Sometimes life really is that simple. Johnny Cash's To Do List that sold at auction for $6,250. (via Dooce) And now I'm dying to know what songs were on the list he wrote for Roseanna.

Well this went in a direction I wasn't expecting ~

(also via Dooce)
~ I think we can all agree that Dooce found all the good stuff on the internet this week. Here's 8 minutes worth of doom: Cinematic Visions of the Apocalypse.
~ Did you know that New Zealand has an annual Bird of the Year popularity contest? People campaign for their favourite bird & everything. I voted for the Kaka this year.
~ "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women. (via Ange). "Almost no one will blame the much-older guy you cheated with, and it might actually make him more famous and help his career. Few will care that he was your boss and in a position of authority or that he may have have taken advantage of your youth and relative inexperience. Everything is your fault, and your life will be threatened over it."

Friday, 7 September 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ The September issue of New Zealand House & Garden.

~ Cuddles with cute babies.

~ You guys, Easter Island has an annual marathon! Who knew?!

~ When you feel really happy for your friends who have good things happening in their lives.

~ Running.

~ Carnivale.

~ The anticipation of waiting for a baby to arrive. My cousin Maria is due any day now & I can't wait to find out what she has.

~ Fresh pineapple.

~ I've just finished my first week of looking after my nephew, & it's gone really well. Hallelujah!

~ The silence of two babies napping. (see above.)

~ Jane Eyre. A great story, which is told perfectly in this 2011 movie. The casting is perfection in this version. Mia Wasikowska is beautiful, yet manages to play the plain Jane well, Michael Fassbender is a suprememly arrogant & sexy Rochester, but it is Jamie Bell who was a surprising stand out for me, as the passionless bore St John. Definitely worth the watch, if you haven't seen it already.

~ Liam Neeson's guest episode of The Simpsons.


~ Headaches.

~ Koko puking on my phone.

~ Getting a piece of my earphones stuck in my ear.

~ You may know that one of my Life List goals is to study at the University of Hawai'i. Well I know a couple of people who are there at the moment & I can't help but feel supremely jealous every time I hear about awesome events happening at UHM. Like this & this.

~ Antibacterial soap.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wilder Web

Dooce serves up your laugh of the day with this Mormon tale.

Check out the awesome images in this year's New Zealand Geographic Photo Competition & vote for your favourites. (via Jane)

Ahahahaha ~ Why Kimmy Gibbler was NOT the wacky neighbor. "To everybody else in the neighborhood, the Tanners must seem like some creepy cult polygamist family of serial killers."

Did you know that last week was Islam Awareness Week here in NZ? Here's another great piece on The Dowse exhibition, this time from The Hand Mirror.

The Myth of the Boner Werewolf. (via The Lady Garden)  "Let's stop talking about "he couldn't stop himself" and start talking about "he decided not to stop." Men deserve that dignity, and the responsibility that comes with it." 

Do More, Apologise Less - How Bitches Get Ahead in Business. (via Gala Darling) "Right now, 480 of America’s most powerful business leaders are focused on their work. They’re negotiating deals, driving hard bargains and demanding results. They may even be denying promotions, dressing down sales execs for failing to meet quotas, or sternly notifying an assistant that it’s time to clear out his desk. They’re doing all of this without the slightest fear of being called a bitch. Why? Because they’re men, of course."

I'm a big fan of Donald & Kiefer Sutherland. These portraits of the Sutherland family from 1970 are beautiful.

A list of the Top 20 Books to Argue About.