Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My crushes - the high school years

Third up in the series:


When I first saw Reality Bites I wanted to be Lelaina & hook up with Troy. Now when I watch it I can't stand either of them. I also wanted to be the devoted girlfriend waiting for Andes crash surviving cannibal Nando after watching Alive, or Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise. Though I might have said no to Todd from Dead Poets' Society.


I used to draw copies of Kiedis's tattoos onto my arms & wrists in pen. Sad but true. I also got to see him In The Flesh in my high school years. I wore men's boxer shorts with chilli peppers on them & painted rainbow stripes in my hair with poster paint. I wasn't the most popular teenager.

HAWKEYE from The Last of the Mohicans

Is there anything more romantic than this movie? "What are you looking at, sir?" "I'm looking at you miss"


During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics my schoolmates & I would tape the men's gymnastics & spend lunchtimes watching this Russian's routines over & over.


Point Break. 'Nuff said.

My First Crushes here & the intermediate years here.

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