Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wilder Web

It's okay to ignore your children and read this. (via Blue Milk) "...moms deserve time when they're not tending to kids, and that no one has a right to say how moms spend that time — no one gets to decide what's worthy and what's wasted."

More books to read ~ Darren Shan's top 10 books about outsiders for teenagers.

Fit and Feminist takes on the disturbing notion of girl jealousy. "The whole notion of jealousy arises from this idea of scarcity, that there’s only so many crumbs of attention and power and sex to go around, and so we should do what we can to get as much of it as possible lest we get screwed out of getting any at all.  In the process, we end up screwed anyway, because we get so wrapped up in trying to get one over each other that we fail to notice that we are in fact fighting over crumbs."

Can I use The N-Word, B-Word, C-Word, F-Word, etc.? (via Yes and Yes)

Super cute mega adorable handmade leggings for babies. I want ALL of them! (via Casey Leigh)

I love this sweet story of a father bringing his son's favourite book to life.

I have to agree with everything on Design is Mine's Ten Things I'm Loving post. 'Pirate Printed Tights Narwhal Tattoos' has to be the most perfect product description ever.

You know that thing where you read something & you think "This person is me!"? Well, this. Sharks. Me. (via Hungry and Frozen)

And from Hungry and Frozen herself, a most excellent post on pop culture comfort food & demi-lasagne.


I was totally stuck for a video to post this week. Stuck I tell you! So, as it's New Zealand Book Month, I'm gonna go with this fantastic old short by the New Zealand Book Council ~

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Seven Days of Koko

Morning playtime.

This dress didn't stay on long. It wasn't the most practical item of clothing.

The host of a baby shower we were at pulled out a big box of costume jewellery to keep Koko & her cousin entertained. It worked.

Playing in the shade at a stunningly beautiful Abel Tasman National Park beach.

Finding new play spaces at our bach.

Picton pub meal.

Crashed out at our hotel on our last night of holiday.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wilder Web

You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children. (via Dooce)

Damn you, Joy the Baker! Your New Orleans post has me missing the place like crazy again!

Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances. (via Nubby Twiglet) "Fryday I’m in Love by Stephen Fry: Well-worn corduroy mixes with notes of mahogany, pear brandy, and stilton in this comfortable, woody blend. Perfect to wear while reading Dickens or lecturing friends on Salic law. Caution: will make the wearer almost unbearably delightful."

Yeesh! What Coke Contains. (via Dan) "A much smaller proportion of the syrup is flavors. These include vanilla, which is the fruit of a Mexican orchid that has been dried and cured for around three months; cinnamon, the inner bark of a Sri Lankan tree; coca-leaf which comes from South America and is processed in a unique US government authorized factory in New Jersey to remove its addictive stimulant cocaine; and kola nut, a red nut found on a a tree which grows in the African Rain Forest..."

Casey Wiegand is kind of the sweetest.

48 Hidden Images in Black Swan. (via Cinematic Paradox)

A Critical Take on Red Carpet Fashion Reviews. (via McQuillanatorz) "and seriously, do you EVER describe any of your friends outfits as “breathtaking?” do they look “radiant” or do they positively “glow” when wearing thousands of dollars worth of conflict diamonds? can we just stop?"

And so my reading list grows...& grows. 100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read & 100 Books by (White) Women Everyone Must Read (via Gala Darling). So far I've read 8 from each of those lists. And if I were to add an author it would definitely be Patricia Grace.

A post-partum list of 10 Things They Don't Tell You (also via Gala Darling).

I'm in love with this look. So styley.

This piece brilliantly sums up the reality of what it is like to lose a long term partner. The analogy to the loss of a "daemon familiar" in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books really hit home for me. (via Benjamin Law)

Hello, new dream home. (via Jo Hubris)

Uh, so, turns out this is a thing that actually exists ~

(via Morgue)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Wilder Web

Our Sea of Plastic by the marvelous Craig Santos Perez. (via Tagi)

I went to the Playboy Mansion (& it was kinda depressing). "Wandering through the house gave me a feeling not too dissimilar to when a relative dies and you have to go to their place and figure out what to do with their things. Except for, in this case, that dead relative was the magazine industry. Or something. I don't really know what I'm talking about. But the mansion was really, really sad. And it smelled like old man." 

24 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real. (via Buff Dan)

A great piece by Jemima Khan on Julian Assange. (via Morgue) "I don’t regret putting up bail money for Assange but I did it so that he would be released while awaiting trial, not so that he could avoid answering to the allegations."

I have a new hero in Kristine Holmgren who backed out of a blogging deal when she was told not to use the word "feminist".

To My Male Relatives on Facebook Who "Like" Sexism. I think we all have a cousin or two who should read this.

I watched this trailer for An Abominable Crime, a documentary on Jamaica's violent homophobia, & was moved. I donated what little I could to the kickstarter set up to finish the film. You should too. (via Yum & Yuk)

HOLY SHIT this was a close call!!! (via Dooce)

What 13 People Wore to their interviews with Anna Wintour. (via A Cup Of Jo)

Wow. Just...WOW! Beck put together a 157 piece orchestra to perform his reimagining of David Bowie's Sound & Vision. Prepare to be amazed by the genius that is Beck.

Here's your heart warming happy tears story of the week ~