Friday, 16 March 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ Watching Kowhai stretch in the morning. Waking up is a long & complicated process for her.
~ My sister, Lis, who turned 40 yesterday. I am lucky to have awesome sisters.
~ Getting dressed up, & wearing heels & make-up, even if I'm not leaving the house & the only person who's going to see me all day is Kowhai.
~ Rice Porridge.
~ Writing epic 'to do' lists, & crossing off every item.


~ Feeling starving, & then eating too much too quickly.
~ Putting my neck out in the middle of the night, & then not being able to get back to sleep because of the excruciating pain.
~ Stressing about not having a date & venue for my wedding next summer.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wilder Wardrobe

This is what I was wearing this morning. Then I looked at this photo & decided this totally didn't work. The skirt sits high on the narrowest part of my waist, & is quite full. With my t-shirt sitting over the top of the skirt it makes my stomach & hips look huge. Okay, so they aren't exactly small, but I was sure they could look less frumpy. So I tucked the t-shirt in & added a belt to accentuate my waist, like so:

Much better.

The details:
Glasses ~
T-Shirt ~ The Warehouse
Skirt ~ Hand-me-down
Tights ~ Columbine Pretty Plus
Shoes ~ Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Watch ~ Nixon Cannon
Ring ~ Meadowlark
Earrings ~ Made by me at The Bead Shop

The problem with this outfit is that untucking & retucking the t-shirt every time I feed Koko is a bloody nightmare. I think I'm just going to have to retire this skirt.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wilder Wardrobe

T-Shirt ~ The Warehouse
Jeans ~ City Chic
Shoes ~ Some cheap shop in Napier
Necklace ~ Madame Fancy Pants

To be honest, when I look at this photo all I can see is my baby belly. Oh well. This was taken on Valentine's Day, when me, Lover & Kowhai had a delicious Sushi picnic in the Botanic Gardens before a long walk, & then milkshakes at Maranui where we saw a pod of Dolphins in Lyall Bay. It was an excellent Love Day.

New glasses! ~
Lipstick ~ MAC Ruby Woo
Earrings ~ Gift
Scarf ~ Op-Shopped
Sweatshirt ~ Glassons
T-Shirt ~ Evil Genius
Jeans ~ City Chic
Sneakers ~ Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

I had every intention of staying home today & spending the day in my trackpants because the weather is utterly foul, but then I found myself not only getting dressed, but putting red lipstick. We bought pies from Bluebell Cafe in Island Bay and ate them in the car on the South Coast while watching the wild waves. Then we ran a couple of errands & came home again. I am now going to make more f an effort to wear red lipstick, even if the only people who see it are Apa, Kowhai & some random strangers at the supermarket.

Now, how about some Koko cuteness?

Onesie ~ Hand-me-down
Dress ~ Pumpkin Patch (Hand-me-down)
Booties ~ Gift

Poncho ~ Gift
Dress ~ Gift
Socks ~ Pumpkin Patch (Gift)

Onesie ~ Hand-me-down

Nappy ~ Bought off Trade Me

Dress ~ Pumpkin Patch (Gift)
Tights & Booties ~ Gifts

T-Shirt ~ Gift
Pants ~ Tommy Hilfiger (Hand-me-down)
Socks ~ Hand-me-down

Onesie ~ The Warehouse (Hand-me-down)
Dress ~ Op-Shopped
Tights ~ Gift

Dress ~ Small Fry (Gift)
Shoes ~ Pumpkin Patch