Tuesday, 21 August 2012


This man.
He is the best father.

He has incredible blue eyes with looong lashes which Kowhai has been lucky to inherit.

He HATES dressing up. He'd happily live in shorts & jandals every day of the year.

Kowhai adores him. They have so much fun together.

He loves beer, & pies, & good sausages, & steak, & mashed potatoes, & ice-cream, & chocolate...okay, he loves food. And he cooks me dinner every night. 

He says he is shy, but he knows EVERYONE, & can talk your ear off.

He doesn't have a driver's license & prefers to walk everywhere.

He loves sci-fi & action & fantasy movies.

He is a builder & a draughtsperson. He loves architecture.

He would make a silly face in every photograph if I let him.

He makes up words.
He can't spell.
He is a mean beatboxer.
He is the best person to travel with.
He is passionate & obsessive about cricket.
My nephews & nieces adore him because he can play with them for hours.
He works very hard for our little family.

We love you XXXXXX

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