Monday, 9 July 2012

Wilder Web

This open letter to Colin Kane is full of so much Yes!

I'd really, really quite like an R2D2 skirt.

And a fox dress for Koko!

So, all the American blogs I follow were pretty heavy handed on the Fourth of July posts this week. Here's one I was actually kinda interested in: The Best Songs about the Fifty States (via Mighty Girl).

A wonderful art project full of fake apologies (via Dooce).

14 First World problems from the nineties (also via Dooce).

I relate to so much of this article on the writer's discovery of queso (via Yes and Yes).

When Dawson's Creek started my friends & I would get together every Friday night to watch it. Here's Morgue's take on season one. Pretty spot on.

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