Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wilder Web

Remember the utter peanut butter nutter ad? Here's an amzing cover version.

A book I did some research work on was released recently, & a there was a review in the Sunday Star Times that was written by someone who had very obviously not read the book. So this article about a New York Times review with a major plot mistake was pretty interesting. (via Nubby Twiglet)

A list of Disney Princesses ranked from least feminist to most feminist.

And a nice follow up to that ~ a list of non-sexist films for kids.

Def Leppard played & I fucking owned it. Hilarious. (via Dooce)

Funny descriptions of news interview subjects. (also via Dooce)

Okay, so there was the whole Daniel Tosh rape debacle floating around the internet this week. To be honest, I tried to avoid most of it, because it's all just the same old story repeated on all sides, & can get pretty depressing. But I did read & like this response.

Time Out New York's list of the 100 best films made about NYC. Looks like I've got some serious movie watching to do. (via Gala Darling)

A great piece on slut shaming. (also via Gala Darling)
"I don’t care how much sex anyone has, how often they do it, or who they do it with. I’m much more interested in the consent, pleasure, and well-being of the participants and the people affected by it."

I LOVE this article about the axing of the Dolly model contest. (again, via Gala Darling. She had some good links this week)

An open letter to teenagers wanting babies. (via The Bloggess)
"When your baby finally falls asleep you’ll try to take the first shower you've taken in days but then you’ll wake up the baby by thinking too loudly. Nice try, lady. Back to work."

Prepare for some major house envy over this gorgeous tile work.

Pretty much the sweetest tribute ever. (via Tangerina)

And Then She Saved has 5 great tips for controlling impulse spending. So useful!

Terry Serepisos' house is up for mortgagee sale. The first word that comes to mind is monstrosity. And I don't often use that word. (via The Wellingtonista)

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