Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wilder Web

36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love. It's all true, people! (via Matt)

The incredibly talented Unna threw her son Leo an impressive first ever birthday party.

There has been so much good thought provoking stuff floating around the interwebs lately. Don't tell me to love my body is another great piece. 
"The problem is someone else telling me how to feel. The problem is being told that there is a standard of beauty, and I should ignore it. I should ignore it despite the fact that everyone is still holding me to it. I should ignore it and create my own. As long as it makes me feel pseudo-good, and makes other people feel okay with how I pretend to feel about me. But while we’re pretending the real-world standards don’t exist, the real world continues judging us..."
You listen to This American Life, right? Right??? So you should know that they recently had their 500th episode, in which the producers & host, Ira Glass, discussed their favourite episodes. You can find the episode here, along with links to every episode mentioned.

It's official ~ I've developed a blog crush on Hungry and Frozen. Read about Laura's trip to Boulcott Street Bistro to try their award winning T-Rex Burger.

Did you miss out on the A.P.C. & Kanye West collaboration? Never fear, you can make your own for a zillionth of the price! Instructions here. (via Naiomi)

More of This American Life! I haven't listened to any of the episodes listed here as being among the podcast's best. I'm gonna remedy that asap. For the record, my all time favourite episode was Middle School.

Prima Donna? Or Pre-Madonna?

You know the song Blurred Lines, right? The super catchy Robin Thicke number features Pharrell, & has, as Caitlin Moran calls it, an "INFURIATING TITTY VIDEO". Seattle's Mod Carousel have made a gender swapped version that is pretty great.

And, in response to all the shaky shaky Wellington's been experiencing, I give you the divine Tori Amos ~

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