Friday, 5 July 2013

A Decade

In honour of it being our tenth anniversary today, here are Ten Things I Love About Apa.

1 ~ He's a babe!

2 ~ He cooks me dinner. Every single night. Because he wants to. What a keeper!

3 ~ He owns literally hundreds of records, yet still knows every single album in his entire collection, & also exactly where it is filed. 

4 ~ He does what he wants & wears what he wants & doesn't care what people think of him. That's pretty sexy.

5 ~ He is an awesome Papa to Koko.

6 ~ He is the least pretentious person I know.

7 ~ He didn't like his day job so he followed his dreams & opened a record store.

8 ~ He says he is shy, but we can't go anywhere without having a bunch of people stop to chat to him on the street. 

9 ~ He would rather be outside. Always.

10 ~ He can't whistle, or roll his tongue, or click his fingers. It's kinda cute.

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