Friday, 26 July 2013

Wilder & Tamer


~ King Kapisi's new(ish) song Crush, with Rakaa Iriscience.

~ Holding myself to higher standards.

~ Pickle Eating House. I was fortunate to finally eat here recently for a friend's Hen's Night, & we tried the Dinner Party menu. It was AMAZING! Sooo much good food & drink. I really want to recommend that you go there, but alas, they are closing soon due to earthquake strengthening, so y'all best hurry up.

~ Line drying a load of washing on a crisp winter's day. This requires precision timing in terms of getting the washing out & in, & when you nail it it is so satisfying.


~ Television Spoilers. I HATE spoilers, but I'm not prepared to give up the internet in its entirety to avoid them. Sigh. Conundrum.

~ I saw a woman on the street heading home after work with a dozen beer when the carton broke open & all the bottles fell onto the pavement. Stink buzz! On the Wilder side, a bunch of people stopped to help her pick them up & clean up the mess.

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