Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wilder Web

The Venn Review ~ Music reviews using venn diagrams & baby making analogies. (via Noush) It seems I have a lot of listening to do.

Heather Nette King's interior styling is amazing. I can't decide which of these rooms I love the most. Every single one of them is divine perfection.

I hate the term 'politically correct'. Here's why. "If there is a verbal equivalent of a drive-by shooting, it must be the use of that nasty epithet "politically correct." At best, this is a label that allows the intellectually lazy to denigrate anything they don't like without having to offer a reasoned objection."

Why You're Never Failing as a Mother. "Feeling like you also need to keep on top of scrapbooking, weight loss, up-cycled onesies, handprints, crock pot meals, car seat recalls, sleeping patterns, poo consistency, pro-biotic supplements, swimming lessons, electromagnetic fields in your home and television exposure, is like trying to knit on a rollercoaster – it’s fucking hard."

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History is equal parts hilarious & cringe worthy. (via Yes and Yes)

Do you know about It's a website "showcasing hundreds of compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. This historic video initiative features exclusive access to trailblazing women – both known and unknown." It features some of my favourite Wilder Women ~ Alice Walker, Nichelle Nichols, Kathrine Switzer, Judy Blume, and so many more. Though I have to say I'm disappointed by the inclusion of Phyllis Schlafly, who campaigned against equality & is anti-choice, among other things.

Wow. Abortion stories misleadingly illustrated by heavily pregnant women. (via Blue Milk)

25 Little-Known Facts About Gilmore Girls. (via Sarah-Rose) "The character of April is widely seen as an intentional plot device meant to destroy the show, as goes fan legend/internet rumor."

Hugh Laurie & Ellen DeGeneres compare British slang & American slang ~

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