Friday, 30 November 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ This family selfie, which was taken up at the Ataturk Memorial on the most glorious sunshiney evening.

~ The smell of sunscreen. It just means summer!

~ Exploring rock pools.

~ Kowhai blew a kiss in her sleep the other morning. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

~ Cate Blanchett at the premiere of The Hobbit. This woman can do no wrong.


~ Kowhai is at the stage where she is pulling herself up & practising her climbing. This means lots of head bumps & tumbles.

~ Toilets that don't flush properly.

~ The sound of paint scrapers. Ugh, just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

~ Medicine bottles with child-proof caps.

~ Trying to change the nappy of a baby who is determined to roll over. Dude, babies are strong!

~ When you go to add hot sauce to your meal and it comes out of the bottle way faster than you expected.

What made your lists this week?

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