Friday, 2 November 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ Watching Anthony Bourdain in Louisiana. It made me desperately wish I was back in New Orleans eating crawfish. It also contained the classic line "The whole pig was now as smooth & hairless as a pole dancer's taint." Brilliant!

~ Going in to wake Koko in the morning & having her little head pop up with her cookie monster doll hanging out of her mouth.

~ Wellington Rape Crisis, who you may remember have had major funding issues this year, received an anonymous $50,000 donation this week. Amazing! Way to restore my faith in humanity, Anonymous.

~ Impromptu picnic dinners at Oriental Bay on beautiful spring evenings.

~ Watching Star Wars with Koko. She loved it! Every time the droids were on screen she would try & talk to them. It was adorable.

~ I went to the SPCA op shop in Lower Hutt the other day & it was full of stuff for me. Seriously, it was like they'd seen my pinterest board & knew I was coming. So much good stuff! Thrifting win!


~ Fly eggs. Yep, I think we can all agree that the whole gamut of fly related grossness is disgusting.

~ Buying fever. I have been in a strange mood lately where all I want to do is shop. And shop. And shop.

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  1. Anthony B! You! And so glad to hear that the crisis center got funding - amazing!