Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wilder Web

20 Non-Horror Movies That Are Abolutely Terrifying. (via 24 Free Dinners)

13 Tips for Being Happy in Your New Home. Works just as well for your old home too. "Always put your wallet and keys away in the same place."

Tom Hanks performs slam poem about 'Full House'. Yes, really.

If, like me, you have a slight obsession with cosmetics, you might find Dita Von Teese discussing her beauty routine as interesting as I did. (via Nubby Twiglet)

Stuck as to what movie or TV series to watch next? Gala Darling has put together a pretty comprehensive list of suggestions for you.

For my fellow ink junkies ~ a good piece on how long a tattoo takes to heal. (via Dr Morse INC)

The 10 best songs about books.

Tallulah Spankhead over at The Lady Garden sums up rape culture pretty well.

Confession time ~ flashmobs make me cry. Out of sheer awesomeness. This had that effect also ~

(via Sarah-Rose)
We watched The Phantom Menace last night & I was reminded of how much I love this sweet song ~

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