Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wilder Wardrobe ~ Grammy Favourites

This list is short. It is short because I didn't actually watch all that much of the awards themselves, or the pre-show red carpet. It is short because a lot of the outfits I did see were, well, meh. Boring. Uninspired. Not a lot caught my attention, but here are a few of the looks that did ~ 

Taylor Swift

I never expected Taylor Swift to be leading a Wilder Wardrobe Favourites list of mine. Not that I have anything against Swift (okay, maybe I do, just a little), but her style is not usually to my taste. I love this gown on her. It looks like chain mail, in the best possible way. Sexy chain mail. 

Kelly Osborne

It looked like Kelly had had her lavender locks freshly cut and dyed for the occasion. I like it. I like the make up, especially the gorgeous fuchsia lip. I love the simple black dress made interesting by the jewelled shoulder caps. I love the manicure and rings. I love the gothic floor length draping of the hem. I love it all.

Cyndi Lauper

Oh, Cyndi. You are perfection. I was so pleasantly surprised to see Cyndi on the red carpet. Not just because I am A Fan, but also because Look! Look at this interesting, original and fantastic ensemble! I would wear this. I would wear this ALL THE TIME. Bravo, Cyndi! And congrats on the Grammy win too.

For more Wilder Wardrobe Favourites, check out my Golden Globes list here. Coming soon ~ The Oscars.

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