Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wilder Wardrobe ~ Golden Globes Favourites

Here's my completely shallow commentary on the fashion choices of yesterday's Golden Globes Awards, based entirely on the snippets of footage that I happened to see throughout the day. (What I mean to say is, severely under-researched. Lazy for the win!)

Lupita Nyong'o

This woman is flawless. She has that kind of luminous beauty that you would stare at if you came across her in real life. And she also seems to have flawless taste. Look at this dress! It manages to be completely glam and yet classically understated at the same time. I won't be the only one searching her out on every red carpet from here on out.

Sofia Vergara

I'm not usually a fan of Vergara's style, but for some reason this really works for me. Again, this dress could be completely over the top, but the black manages to keep it from going too far. And I love the necklace. I have a wedding coming up next month and that necklace is exactly what I'm looking for to complete my outfit. I wonder if she'd let me borrow it...

Cate Blanchett

Has Cate Blanchett ever gotten it wrong? EVER? I think not. She gets Golden Globes bonus points from me for sassing out Bono with "Your first album was really good." Boom!

Elisabeth Moss

Stand up straight, Elisabeth! That dress is hot! It's original and interesting. The shoes and earrings are perfect with it. Moss totally deserved her win for Top of the Lake. And she also wins Golden Globes sass points from me for this.

Alex Ebert

This dude. I had no idea who he was before, but he's well and truly on my radar now. When he stood up to receive his award my first thought was "I want to run my fingers through that man's hair." After he shared a moment with Diddy on stage my second thought was "I want to party on a yacht in St Barts with this man." The man knows how to wear tails, that's for sure.

Zoe Saldana

I'm not in love with the bottom half of this dress, but you couldn't see that when Saldana was presenting an award, so this still gets a Wilder Wardrobe win from me.

Emma Watson

What I love about Emma Watson is that she loves fashion, and she isn't afraid to experiment. Actually, there's a heck of a lot more that I love about Emma Watson, but this is about the frocks, and this is one that I liked.

Emma Stone

Had she been nominated for an award, I would have preferred to see a little more glam from Stone, but this choice was perfect for presenting an award. Simple yet interesting. Classy yet fun. 

Diane Keaton

Some people would maybe like to see Keaton mix it up a little more with her fashion choices. But why try something different when what she's got going on is working so damn well for her? I mean, just look at this perfection! I bet half the women in the audience saw this and wished they could pull off this look. Keaton has worn a lot of suits over the years, and I think this one is my favourite. The glasses and hair top it off perfectly. 

What do you think? Have I missed any spectacular frocks or suits that were on your list?

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