Friday, 17 January 2014

Wilder & Tamer


~ YA Reading Bingo. I love a good reading list to work through.

~ My first week back at work has gone really well. Long may this goodness continue.
~ Getting to spend all day with kids, which means building towers out of blocks again and again, trying a new configuration every time a toddler sends the previous structure toppling down.
~ Last night's outing to the Botanical Gardens to see The Digg play. Koko handled it like a pro, even though we were there two hours after her usual bedtime. Awesome sauce! Gonna try again next week for Eb & Sparrow.
~ Compliments. Nice to give, lovely to receive.


~ Online arguments, where people either miss the point entirely, or ignore the question being asked, or use it to air an unrelated grievance.  Ugh, interwebs, I love you, but sometimes I need my space so I can head-desk to full effect.

~ Accusing an author of plagiarism on twitter & having them find my tweet & respond to me. Big whoops.
~ I completely missed an appointment I had scheduled for this week, for no other reason than it just vanished from my brain. What a dick.

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