Thursday, 19 September 2013

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I am seriously considering buying this dress.

I have a massive crush on Grace Taylor's work. She is one of the most passionate people I have ever come across, and I often find myself wishing I lived in Auckland just so I could attend more of her spoken word poetry events. Here's her talk at TEDxAuckland, where she shared the stage with the likes of Helen Clark and King Kapisi.

10 of the most distasteful tweets: When commercial Twitter accounts get it really, really wrong. (Although I think number seven is kind of funny. Kind of.)

Ugh, so old Simon Sweetman is up to no good again, this time with a pretty sleazy and smarmy commentary on Lorde. But, never fear! There are cleverer people out there responding to his vitriol in the best of ways. Like this brilliance (second article down, annoyingly.)
"What is important to know is that Lorde has a close, stable group of people around her. Those people include her parents. Sweetman’s crack about them “giving up” their daughter was cheap and nasty. I gather her mother is on the six-week promo tour she’s just begun, which seems entirely sensible. These aren’t stage parents. They’re people managing an extraordinary situation."
And more on Lorde, with a really nice write up from xoJane.

My latest Live Reporting task was to go to the Stan Walker gig. It wasn't the best concert I've ever been to in my life, not really being my preferred style of music. But that's what I love about these reviews - I get to try new things. And I did enjoy myself. Especially thinking about how much Simon Sweetman would have hated the gig and everyone there.

This dress could potentially be a major fashion faux-pas, but I also kind of really want one for summer beach visits.

HBO Should Show Dongs. I HEAR YOU, SISTERS!

The lyrics of Blurred Lines compared with pics from Project Unbreakable, in a perfect representation of why Robin Thicke is to henceforth be known as Rapey Douchebag.

"Set to Sounds like it means ”will’’, but if it turns out the story is wrong, you can point out it only actually means ”may’’."
Some excellent pointers on Being a good ally.
"Please don’t tell people that their actual life experiences, things that happened to them are not true. We saw this with Paula Bennett recently, who immediately went to the Not True place when stories circulated of beneficiaries being denied tampons. It is entirely possible for someone’s life experience to be true, searingly bleakly true, whilst not indicative of the norm."
Today marks 120 years since women won the vote in New Zealand. You can see the list of people who signed the suffrage petition here, and search for your ancestors. Pretty cool!

New Zealanders! I can't recommend strongly enough that you go see this movie! It is soooo good ~

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