Friday, 13 September 2013

Wilder & Tamer


~ Bah! I forgot to note the source of this lovely tea print. Sorry! However, tea dates & happy talks with friends are lovely.

~ New experiences.

~ When you get back to your car in the supermarket carpark & the space directly opposite you is empty, meaning you can pull forward instead of reversing out of your park. Ah, small pleasures.

~ A good friend of mine got married recently, and it was a fabulous occasion. Our friends were babes, the bride looked like a total film star, there were heartfelt vows, happy tears, a first dance to a Prince song, yummy food, photo booth hi-jinks and dance floor fun times. Lovely!

~ Urban Bakery Ginger & Dark Chocolate cookies. You know that thing when you take a first bite of something & you know instantly that this is a food that is served in your own personal heaven? That. These cookies. Oh my word, the deliciousness!

~ No Lights No Lycra. There's nothing quite like dancing the pain away and getting wild in a darkened room full of strangers (all fully clothed). Dance is just good for the soul.


~ Movies that have two volume settings: whisper whisper whisper & EXPLOSION EXPLOSION EXPLOSION!

~ Not being invited.

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