Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wilder Web

This Baby Alpaca print is ridiculously cute. (via A Cup of Jo)

I went to the Rodger Fox 40th Anniversary Tour last week, & had The Best Time Ever. Here's my review of the gig for Positively Wellington Venues.

Wellingtonians! The Wellingtonista has a bunch of helpful info on the upcoming local body elections for you, including q&a's from all responsive candidates.

And now, from American Apparel, your daily dose of NSFW ew in the form of "unisex" shirts. (via Ace Lady Network)

"I don't know what you were doing during class, but you weren't paying attention, otherwise you would have noticed that my daughter was isolated and being harassed. Do you expect girls to come tell you when they are being harassed? Well, don't count on it. Instead, they pull away, get depressed, or drop out completely, just like they do in IT careers."
Phonebloks = A Good Idea ~ 

(via Ben)

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