Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wilder Web

Oh how I WANT this Dinosaur necklace. Alas, it is out of stock (& out of my budget).

Food Porn Alert! Sayward makes veganism look damn deliciously appealing.

Design is Mine's Bodies of Water collection has me hanging out for summer already.

'Makeovers Fix Everything': Classic Disney movie posters are re-imagined with new 'honest' titles to expose 'sexist and dark' undertones. (via Nicki)

Again with the hysterical laughter ~ The Sixteen Most Amazing/Ridiculous Things Kanye Said. (via Naiomi) 
"I’m a minimalist in a rapper’s body.”
So much sensible truth in this piece by David L. Katz ~ We Must Be Kidding! The Case for Eradicating 'Kid' Food
"Imagine the alternative reality in which the wolf pack makes a kill, but the cubs don't wait their turn to get at that meat. Imagine if, instead of learning to eat what their parents eat, "kid" wolves ate heart, moon, star and clover-shaped multicolored marshmallows (or perhaps, being wolves, their marshmallows would be shaped like hare, moose, stag and caribou; but it's the same general concept)."

I've linked to some of them here before, but here is the full round up of Craig Santos Perez's Decolonial Diet posts.

"This is what I believe this new definition is about: defining a market (fat people who don’t want to be fat) and making it easier to sell things to them (drugs and surgeries and diet programs that promise to make them not-fat.)

If you can label a condition as a disease, it naturally follows that someone is going to develop a treatment for it, and people who suddenly realize they have an honest-to-goodness disease, and not merely a quaint variation on the human theme, are going to want to buy it. In this case, “people” represents a full third of the U.S. population. That’s over 100 million people, most of whom desperately do not want to be fat."
I LOVE the styling & choreography in this ~
(via Claire)

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