Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wilder Web

This review pretty much sums up perfectly season four of Arrested Development. (via Morgue)

Quite possibly one of the most glorious things ever ~ 300 Kate Bush lookalikes re-enact Wuthering Heights. (via Noush)

I would absolutely watch a gender swapped version of Lord of the Rings. Can someone please make this happen? (via Morgue)

SO BIZARRE! The secret of The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, India. (again via Morgue)

Isaac's list of The Top 10 Things I've Learned in All My 29 Years gives some pretty good advice.

Oh, Finland. You are a little bit wonderful with your baby boxes. (via Sarah Jane) 
"It was lovely and exciting to get it and somehow the first promise to the baby"
Albert Wendt received the Order of New Zealand this week, & to celebrate he is giving back to his readers. For this week only you can download a free copy of Sons For The Return Home, one of the most intelligent books I have ever read.

As well as directing me to a bunch of awesome links this week, Morgue also wrote a fantastic piece over at The Ruminator about pink & blue & the gender bias in kids' media & toys.
"The world is giving my child, and yours, a script. Here are your lines; here is your costume; here is where to stand. Our children learn this as easily as a nursery rhyme."
This routine is amazing & awe-inspiring ~

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