Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wilder Web

Pretty flags for my Pin of the Week.

I've been trying to be more conscious about the food I'm buying & eating, & this article made some good points about food miles & ethical eating. (via Eve)

Infographs! Woohoo! 22 Ingenious Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently. Although map 19 has kind of traumatised me.

I love the subtle civil disobedience displayed in this Turkish game show. Very clever. (via Morgue)

I used to think co-sleeping was madness...and then I had a baby. It's not the co-sleeping clears up a few common misconceptions about co-sleeping deaths.

I am a long time unashamed huge fan of Jurassic Park. And I'm not the only one. Becky Ferreira muses on the intricacies of the movie on the 20th anniversary of its release. (via Jo Hubris
"Indeed, if you watch the movie closely, you can see that Hammond's charismatic hypocrisy is a running gag. My favorite example is that he claims to be present for every raptor birth as it helps them to, no joke, "trust" him. Cut to: the highest security paddock in the park. Because trust."
Henry Rollins is one of my favourite people in the world that I don't know personally (one day, Henry, one day). Here he talks about the hows and whys of his famous buff physique.

Fans of The Wire ~ Here are Eight life lessons we learnt from Lester Freamon. (via Morgue)

The opening number from the Tony Awards is spectacular. Neil Patrick Harris is too talented for his own good. I get the impression that he could have been an actual kid MD if he'd wanted to ~ 

This is old, but new to me. Further proof of Beyonce's perfection & talent ~

I'm going through a Dave Chappelle phase. This episode of Inside the Actor's Studio is fascinating. I recommend you put aside the 80 minutes and watch it ~ 

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