Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wilder Web

It's okay to ignore your children and read this. (via Blue Milk) "...moms deserve time when they're not tending to kids, and that no one has a right to say how moms spend that time — no one gets to decide what's worthy and what's wasted."

More books to read ~ Darren Shan's top 10 books about outsiders for teenagers.

Fit and Feminist takes on the disturbing notion of girl jealousy. "The whole notion of jealousy arises from this idea of scarcity, that there’s only so many crumbs of attention and power and sex to go around, and so we should do what we can to get as much of it as possible lest we get screwed out of getting any at all.  In the process, we end up screwed anyway, because we get so wrapped up in trying to get one over each other that we fail to notice that we are in fact fighting over crumbs."

Can I use The N-Word, B-Word, C-Word, F-Word, etc.? (via Yes and Yes)

Super cute mega adorable handmade leggings for babies. I want ALL of them! (via Casey Leigh)

I love this sweet story of a father bringing his son's favourite book to life.

I have to agree with everything on Design is Mine's Ten Things I'm Loving post. 'Pirate Printed Tights Narwhal Tattoos' has to be the most perfect product description ever.

You know that thing where you read something & you think "This person is me!"? Well, this. Sharks. Me. (via Hungry and Frozen)

And from Hungry and Frozen herself, a most excellent post on pop culture comfort food & demi-lasagne.


I was totally stuck for a video to post this week. Stuck I tell you! So, as it's New Zealand Book Month, I'm gonna go with this fantastic old short by the New Zealand Book Council ~

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