Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wilder Web

You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children. (via Dooce)

Damn you, Joy the Baker! Your New Orleans post has me missing the place like crazy again!

Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances. (via Nubby Twiglet) "Fryday I’m in Love by Stephen Fry: Well-worn corduroy mixes with notes of mahogany, pear brandy, and stilton in this comfortable, woody blend. Perfect to wear while reading Dickens or lecturing friends on Salic law. Caution: will make the wearer almost unbearably delightful."

Yeesh! What Coke Contains. (via Dan) "A much smaller proportion of the syrup is flavors. These include vanilla, which is the fruit of a Mexican orchid that has been dried and cured for around three months; cinnamon, the inner bark of a Sri Lankan tree; coca-leaf which comes from South America and is processed in a unique US government authorized factory in New Jersey to remove its addictive stimulant cocaine; and kola nut, a red nut found on a a tree which grows in the African Rain Forest..."

Casey Wiegand is kind of the sweetest.

48 Hidden Images in Black Swan. (via Cinematic Paradox)

A Critical Take on Red Carpet Fashion Reviews. (via McQuillanatorz) "and seriously, do you EVER describe any of your friends outfits as “breathtaking?” do they look “radiant” or do they positively “glow” when wearing thousands of dollars worth of conflict diamonds? can we just stop?"

And so my reading list grows...& grows. 100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read & 100 Books by (White) Women Everyone Must Read (via Gala Darling). So far I've read 8 from each of those lists. And if I were to add an author it would definitely be Patricia Grace.

A post-partum list of 10 Things They Don't Tell You (also via Gala Darling).

I'm in love with this look. So styley.

This piece brilliantly sums up the reality of what it is like to lose a long term partner. The analogy to the loss of a "daemon familiar" in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books really hit home for me. (via Benjamin Law)

Hello, new dream home. (via Jo Hubris)

Uh, so, turns out this is a thing that actually exists ~

(via Morgue)

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