Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wilder Web

25 Little-Known Facts About 'Black Swan'. (via Gala Darling) "1. Giggle alert: the infamous sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman transpires at the 69-minute mark."

Modern Seinfeld is the best twitter account I've seen in a while.

Laurie Penny's analysis of the Nice Guys of OK Cupid tumblr. "Wherever he is, Miniature-Kettle Man probably thinks his worst nightmares have come true: all over the world, ladies who don't even know him are laughing at him. The Hive Vagina has passed judgement on Miniature-Kettle Man. One can only hope he is making a tiny cup of tea to cheer himself up with."

There is so much beauty in these photos of The lost churches of Russia. (via Blue Milk)

Holy Shit! This is completely amazing! ~

(via Dooce)

I am terribly concerned for this child. That didn't stop me from watching this numerous times & laughing 'til I cried ~

(via Pinky Fang)

I am so fucking proud to say that I know these people ~

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