Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wilder Web

This mug! This mug is awesome! And completely badass. (via Steve)

Cute! Jay-Z explains who he is to a woman on the subway.

Great tips for travelling abroad with kids.

I heard an interview with Stevee from Cinematic Paradox on the radio the other day, so I headed over to check out her blog. I recommend you do too, even if it's just to read her hilarious & award winning rating system. So fetch!

Game of Thrones playing cards! Christmas is sorted! You're welcome. (via Dooce)

I want Luxirare to make me a packed lunch every day.

Joy the Baker has some pretty great recommendations of people to follow on instagram.

10 Essential Songs For The 20-Something Girl. (via Coley Tangerina) "It’s time for you to just get all Lilith Fair, sit back with your oversized boyfriend jeans and a cup of tea, and think about life for a little bit. You’re becoming a real woman now, and with that comes a certain reflection on all that is going on around you. And you are a lot of things — you’re powerful, you’re strong, and you have a lot of thoughts about philosophy and religion."

Sarah from Yes and Yes tells you how to get what you want. It's really, really simple.

Fit and Feminist kicks off her "completely unscientific, totally subjective, not-at-all comprehensive list of 100 female athletes who I think deserve to be considered among the fittest women of all time" with the pioneers. There are some pretty amazing Wilder Women featured here. Read for inspiration.

This is just loverly & amazing ~

The honest trailer for Twilight: Eclipse ~

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