Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wilder Web

Relevant. Advice on how not to blow a marriage. (via Laura McQuillan)

Oh gosh! Last week I said I was considering buying Luxirare's Leather Scarf. Well, there are more & I want them all.

Kanye Wes. Kanye West lyrics over Wes Anderson film stills.

Oh my goodness I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WEDDING!!! A humanist ceremony! An alternative hymn! Handfasting! Handmade gifts! LOVE!

Mama Likes This has found the most adorable round up of Halloween costumes for the kiddies.

21 Adult Novelty Costumes Explained. (via Sarah-Rose)

4 Little Ways To Show People You Love 'Em. Although sometimes, when Christmas is coming up & you know your beloved bro-in-law is notoriously bad at buying presents for your sister, you say "Hey dude, there's a Loudon Wainwright album in Evil Genius at the mo'. She'd love that." And he replies "I've got it covered." And then your sister gets a can opener for Christmas. TRUE STORY.

"You don't own me" PSA ~

The Adele Cackle ~

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