Friday, 26 October 2012

Wilder & Tamer


~ The Bishop family house from Moonrise Kingdom.

~ Friends who are willing to help you out when you need it, & expect nothing in return.

~ Watching Kowhai smile in her sleep.

~ I left Koko with her Granny On Wednesday afternoon & took myself on a date. I went to see Pitch Perfect, which was great, bought myself popcorn & soda, & completely blissed out. It was a much needed recharge. Although I have had No Diggity stuck in my head ever since. I can't decide if this is Wilder or Tamer.

~ Pikelets for breakfast.


~ Paul Henry apologists.

~ Maggots.

~ Prowlers.

~ Holiday weekend road tolls.

~ 'Saints & Angels' parties for Halloween. I love that Halloween is about embracing the sinister & the scary. If you're not into that then just ignore the holiday altogether, which is pretty easy to do here in New Zealand.

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