Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wilder Web

I like Kris Atomic's contrast of What We Pretend Fashion Week Looks Like & What Fashion Week Actually Looks Like. As usual, both sets of photos are gorgeous.

The diary of a woman & mother of three who goes on strike from household chores.

I could quite happily live in this home. Quite happily. (via Yes and Yes)

Sooo relevant! Put a Bird on that Manifest Destiny Tee: Some Thoughts on Eco-Grief, Hipster Racism, and the Series of Indigenous Tubes. (via Alice) "We need to find ways – as individuals, as families, as educators, as learners, as communities, as nations, settler and Indigenous – to enter back into our shared histories and landscapes. Bad birds on cute hats and Pocahottie costumes come from the same place: impoverishment (of knowledge and context and experience) combined with privilege, be it corporate, racial, urban, or otherwise."
I am seriously considering buying Luxirare's Leather Scarf. If only it weren't so pricey! Perhaps I'll have a go at a DIY version.
This girl = my new hero. Omaha schoolgirl dresses as a different historical figure each day. "Neither parent supplies the costumes or the ideas. They just roll with what Stella wants to do and support her, grateful that she's emulating stories and strength, not beauty."

The Simpsons opening real life style ~

(via Phil)

Relevant: What if money was no object ~

Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay ~

(via Matt)

Waterfall swing! I want a go! ~

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