Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wilder Web

Dooce serves up your laugh of the day with this Mormon tale.

Check out the awesome images in this year's New Zealand Geographic Photo Competition & vote for your favourites. (via Jane)

Ahahahaha ~ Why Kimmy Gibbler was NOT the wacky neighbor. "To everybody else in the neighborhood, the Tanners must seem like some creepy cult polygamist family of serial killers."

Did you know that last week was Islam Awareness Week here in NZ? Here's another great piece on The Dowse exhibition, this time from The Hand Mirror.

The Myth of the Boner Werewolf. (via The Lady Garden)  "Let's stop talking about "he couldn't stop himself" and start talking about "he decided not to stop." Men deserve that dignity, and the responsibility that comes with it." 

Do More, Apologise Less - How Bitches Get Ahead in Business. (via Gala Darling) "Right now, 480 of America’s most powerful business leaders are focused on their work. They’re negotiating deals, driving hard bargains and demanding results. They may even be denying promotions, dressing down sales execs for failing to meet quotas, or sternly notifying an assistant that it’s time to clear out his desk. They’re doing all of this without the slightest fear of being called a bitch. Why? Because they’re men, of course."

I'm a big fan of Donald & Kiefer Sutherland. These portraits of the Sutherland family from 1970 are beautiful.

A list of the Top 20 Books to Argue About.

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