Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wilder Web

More Jem Yoshioka goodness ~ A story of Representation in two acts.

Pretty much my favourite link of recent times ~ The Definitive Ranking Of All 131 Baby-Sitter's Club Cover Outfits. (Also via Morgue) "It’s almost like Kristy ordered everyone to wear clothes three sizes too big (totally something Kristy would do, to be honest) for the entirety of their stints with the club."

Junot Diaz is a writer that has been recommended to me a lot recently. Reading through MFA vs. POC I can see why. "Simply put: I was a person of color in a workshop whose theory of reality did not include my most fundamental experiences as a person of color—that did not in other words include me."

Sick of having Let It Go stuck in your head? How about changing it up a little ~

How Wolves Change Rivers. Ah, nature ~

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