Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A List...

...about what my life looks like right now.

Making: More plans than I can keep.
Cooking: Vegetables. I've been getting run down lately, so trying to make an effort to be healthier.
Drinking: People's Coffee Cold Flat White. Good lord, this drink is divine. 
Reading: I've just embarked on Witi Ihimaera's The Parihaka Woman. It's been sitting in my To Read pile for a while now. 
Wanting: Contact lenses, or, more accurately, enough money to justify refilling my prescription.

Looking: At my living room from a new angle. We have just removed our tv and the cabinet it sat on, & replaced it with two armchairs.  
Playing: Building tower out of blocks with Koko. 
Wishing: For a week off. 
Enjoying: Being busy. 
Liking: Having Apa building at my bro's while I'm there with the kids. It's nice to have him around.

Wondering: How people can possibly justify voting for National. 
Loving: Reading & watching things that educate me, and make my mind really work. 
Hoping: To win Lotto.

Marveling: At people who are seemingly tireless in their advocacy.
Needing: A new lung, and/or a fortnight at a health spa. 
Smelling: Pretty bad, actually. I've been doing a lot of sweat inducing dancing. 
Wearing: Lycra, in anticipation of performing with the Real Hot Bitches again.
Following: Enlightening, educational, inspiring, and occasionally infuriating twitter conversations and debates.
Noticing: How good Koko can be at concentrating on tasks like building towers out of blocks.
Knowing: When I'm overdoing it and need to slow down and have an early night.
Thinking: About enrolling in some creative writing courses. 
Feeling: Tired, sick, contented.
Bookmarking: David Bowie documentaries.
Giggling: At Parks and Recreation.

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