Friday, 28 March 2014

Wilder & Tamer


~ A day trip to the beach.

~ My friend's 6 year old daughter, who said to me unprompted, "My favourite animals are Lions. I'm a Leo." Love that kid.

~ New friends becoming good friends. Always the best feeling.

~ Wearing all of the rings.

~ City Gallery's exhibition of John Millar's 1981 Springbok Tour protest photos, Tour Scrums. Excellent. A++. So good I'm going to try and get there again before it ends.

~ Happy tears.

~ Impromptu living room dance parties with Koko (& a couple of her toys) to David Bowie's Heroes.

~ Smart & sassy feminist kids. They make me excited about the future.

~ When people find a joke so funny they repeat the punchline twice while laughing.


~ Seeing a surf caster snag a Ray on his line. Rays are some of my absolute favourites, so to see a little one struggling was most distressing to me.

~ Sunburn. Awful, horrible, really really bad sunburn. So painful. So stupid.

~ Finding a whitehead on your nose right after you've met cool new people. D'oh!

~ I thought I'd discovered an awesome new podcast, but then I listened to it and the host kept stopping mid sentence, leaving dead air until her guest would have to jump in and try to cover it. It was so awkward and hard to listen to. If you have any recommendations for good podcasts where this doesn't happen, I'd love to hear them.

~ When publications that you respect publish really shitty things. So doubly disappointing.

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