Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wilder Web

These female geeks and gamers have put together a song to respond to the haters. It will make you laugh, cry & think. Awesome!

"When the fashion police and legging-haters of the world (AKA me pre-2012) look down their noses and scoff “Those aren’t pants. Put some real pants on,” what they’re really saying is “You’re not conforming. Women wear pants, skirts, or dresses. Leggings aren’t any of those. You need to conform.”"

Coley Tangerina on the problems with Rosemary McLeod
"McLeod can be as proudly irrelevant as she wants. But when she’s currently one of the most widely published “feminist” commentators, when people could be mistaken for assuming she’s an authority on women’s opinions and goals, I feel obligated to take issue."

Tina Makeriti takes on the critics who call the International Institute of Modern Letters elitist.

The Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists have got you covered for travel to pretty much anywhere, at any time.

If someone made me this Fly the Flag Quilt I would love them forever and ever amen.

I have a new hero in Christina Bianco, singing Total Eclipse of the Heart as 19 different Divas. Seriously, this is AMAZING. So impressive. So much talent. Love love love.

Auckland dance crew Royal Family won gold at the 2013 World Hip-Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas ~

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