Friday, 2 August 2013

Wilder Web

This Creepy Cruisers Tattoo Flash Sheet Print is pretty much what the inside of my head looks like, & I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!

The Ring Theory ~ How not to say the wrong thing to someone who is ill or in crisis. (via Pinky Fang)

Oh Prince, you glorious little man. It seems you have replaced animal products with 18 varieties of mustard. (via Gala Darling)

Rape Joke, a poem by Patricia Lockwood that has been doing the rounds because it is incredibly good & SO IMPORTANT. 
"The rape joke is that you had been drinking wine coolers. Wine coolers! Who drinks wine coolers? People who get raped, according to the rape joke."
Gah! I'm torn. I hate cultural appropriation, but I kind of really want the Nike Pro Tattoo Tech tights & bodysuit. (Don't worry, even if I could afford to I wouldn't buy them.) In case you needed reminding of why this is bad (like I obviously do), here's why. (via Alice)

Take The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and see how you stack up against the sweetheart of Stars Hollow. I got 52/339. It seems I have some reading to catch up on, as always.

This 1993 Playlist is incredible and awesome and you should listen to it and sing along and reminisce about what you were doing then. I was a pre-teen, on the verge of teenage angst. (via Noush)

After the recent speight of earthquakes here in Wellington, I've realised how unprepared I would be in the event of something more serious. Unna has put together a post detailing the process of putting together emergency food rations for her family. It is really helpful, & I highly recommend it.

Ekim Burgers are the best I have ever eaten. Eat & Greet managed to pin down Mike, the man in the caravan, for a chat
"Burgers are non pretentious. It is everyman food. Everyone has eaten a burger, there is no fancy name for it, no elitist snobbery about it. It doesn’t matter if you earn a million dollars a year or on the dole you can still appreciate a simple $5 burger for what it is."
For the second time in as many months, I am sharing a tampon commercial. But hey, that's proof that they can actually be done well ~ 

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