Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wilder Web

Picture is 'El Alamein, a toast to fallen friends' by my very talented brother-in-law, Matt Gauldie. You can see more of his work here or here.

Agreed. Yeah Yeah Yeahs launch pre-emptive strike at phone-wielding gig-goers. (via Noush)

This list of The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World is pretty fascinating. (via Yes and Yes)

I've just discovered that Bonzai Aphrodite, one of my favourite blogs, is back in business after a year of silence. Sayward's reflections on the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival are pretty intense & well worth the read.

The 10 most annoying Facebook users. "Remember that time where you'd whack together a really impressive meal and you'd take it over to your neighbour's house to show them? Yeah. Neither do I. Nobody cares what you're eating."

Facebook's "I F*cking Love Science" does not f*cking love artists.

In my dream house there would be a spot somewhere for this Diagram of Movie Monsters.

This interview with Denise Scott Brown will make you furious about sexism in architecture. Read it anyway. (via Jessica Valenti)"My ideas went where I couldn’t go, you could say. My ideas were credited, but they were credited to Bob."

Bernard Beckett on returning to paid work. "The fact is, until I had children, I had absolutely no idea what hard work was. Sure, I done a lot of things that I’d considered difficult. I’ve juggled full time teaching and writing careers, worked twenty hour days on film shoots, climbed mountains, cycled a hundred miles fully laden with touring gear in the rain, that sort of thing. But that, it turns out, is all easy stuff. You grit your teeth, put your head down, get the hell on with it and then, before too long, you get a break. You reach a hut, or a holiday break, or a completion deadline, you get to sleep."

A Te Reo version of Hallelujah that is pretty wonderful ~

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