Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wilder Web

This piece on The Hand Mirror pretty much sums up how I feel about the Scott Guy murder trial. I also felt uncomfortable about The Dominion Post describing the nation as being 'mesmerised' by the case.

Ten bets you will never lose (via Yes and Yes). I know a couple of people who will love trying to figure some of these tricks out.

How to get a fresh start on a bad day (also via Yes and Yes). I need to print this out & keep it handy.

I housesat for my parents last weekend & was lucky enough to see an episode of Vivienne Westwood's London while getting my television fix. My favourite part was when Westwood was discussing the merits of live music versus CDs with the conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra & said "It's like the difference between watching porn & actually doing it."

Flamingo! (via Mama Likes This)

I want to dance with the whole world! (via Morgue)

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