Friday, 22 June 2012

Life List

~ Write a book ~ Go to the Caribbean ~ Go to an NBA game ~ Get a PHD ~ Go Horse riding ~ Go on a retreat ~ Learn to meditate ~ Do a fun run ~ Go away for a weekend in my own in a beach house ~ Paint Apa a picture ~ Eat dinner at Logan Brown ~ Go to an Opera ~ Sew a quilt ~ Go to Fiji & see the church where my Grandparents were married ~ Go to Hawai'i ~ Write an essay/thesis on tarot cards in literature ~ Write fanmail to my favourite bloggers ~ Be debt free ~ Take a surfing lesson ~ Try Roller Derby ~ Walk the Tongariro Crossing ~ Enter World of Wearable Arts ~ Throw a tea party for my friends ~ Try a degustation menu ~ Do a spin class ~ Learn to ride a scooter/vespa ~ Have another baby ~ Go back to New York City & walk across the Brooklyn Bridge ~ Own a house ~ Take a dog for a walk ~ Read a book from/about every country in the world ~ Enter the 48 hour film festival ~ Go fishing ~ Go to Venice ~ See the Sistine Chapel ~ Drink Guiness in Ireland ~ Go on a safari in Africa ~ Go to Stewart Island & Cape Reinga ~ Go to a rodeo ~ Get matching swan tattoos with my sister ~ Learn how to do an ollie on a skateboard ~ See the colosseum in Rome ~ See the Grand Canyon ~ Try 100 new recipes ~ Make a 'zine ~ Study overseas, preferably in Fiji or Hawai'i ~ Live somewhere other than Wellington for at least 6 months ~ Trademark & expand A Wilder Shade of Nail ~ Complete a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge ~ Go to the beach in a bikini (no boy legs/hot pants/crop tops/tankini - a bikini) ~ Swim with dolphins or sharks ~ Dye my hair an unnatural colour ~ Go to the launch of a space shuttle. Just to watch, mind you, not participate. There's no way you'll ever get me blasting off into space ~ Go to the Frankfurt Book Fair ~ Go to Portland & eat Voodoo Donuts ~ Crack a whip

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