Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wilder Wardrobe

 This is what I wore to the Island Bay School Fair. And then to stand on some random pole/log in.

Jandals ~ The Warehouse
Tights ~ Columbine
Dress ~ Bought from an outlet store in Otaki

Belt ~ Farmers (Gift)
Bag ~ Gift

 T-Shirt ~ Max (Gift)
Sunglasses ~ Op-Shopped
Yeah, I totally put my sunglasses on inside so I could get a pic of them. I'm a badass.

Necklace ~ Made by a friend of my Mama's. You maybe can't see very well here, but those are little Tiki on the medallions.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a Special Guest!!!

Apa wore:

Hat ~ from a men's clothing store in Nelson
Sunglasses ~ The $2 Shop
T-Shirt ~ Evil Genius
Shorts ~ Op-Shopped
Bare Feet & Silly Faces ~ 100% his own making

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