Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wilder & Tamer


~ Strawberries. Oh yum! I also enjoyed the strawberry riot at the Pak'n'Save sale bins yesterday as shoppers clamoured to stock up on 99c punnets of deliciousness.
~ My best friends. My 4 best Wilder Women all live in different cities/countries from me at the moment, but I'm feeling the love from afar this week. And super especially excited that Lisa is flying into town for the weekend to attend my baby shower. That woman rules!
~ Chow's Blue Cheese & Peanut wontons.
~ Edward Scissorhands.
~ Lady Mondays at Evil Genius. And this fantastic poster that Oscar designed for us:

~ Getting called Aunty by a middle-aged man.


~ Wellington's Spring winds. Again.
~ Third Trimester pregnancy issues. Baby is getting heavier, sleepless nights...
~ Heavy rain on the day I want to hang my sheets out on the washing line.
~ John Key.

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