Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wilder Web

Sarah Wilson makes hiking for hours a day between quaint English villages look and sound like something I'd maybe want to do.

"As a young, queer girl of color, I needed—no, NEED to read about sex. Heroines of my race having sex in a way that isn’t hyper-sexualized. Heroines having sex that isn’t just romanticized rape. Heroines having sex with multiple partners over the course of a series, because the first-boyfriend-only-boyfriend model is a dangerous misconstruction of reality."
Rizzo From Grease Is A Butch For The Ages. I love Rizzo, & I love pretty much everything about this piece. (via Aunty Shub
"Also, Principal McGee and her assistant Blanche are totally doing it. This isn’t really related to the Rizzo-Frenchy relationship, but it’s important for me to point out that they are totally doing it. Principal McGee went to Smith, and they share an apartment together, and they are totally doing it."

Jenny Lewis's Just One Of The Guys is great, but the music video for it is beyond incredible. Why? Kristen Stewart, that's why
"Everything you found objectionable about her in the Twilight films — and you found her objectionable; I have read the internet — was the result of a lion being forced to wear housecat drag. She was made to pursue, not to be pursued; she was made to lean exquisitely against walls and wear men’s trousers and take women by the chin and kiss them fully on the mouth. She takes, she is not taken. She was more Joan Jett in The Runaways than Joan Jett ever was. Heterosexuality cannot contain her; neither can this white suit."
The BBC have collected a nice little sample of Pacific Poetry for you to enjoy. Awesome!

Dominique Christina's The Period Poem is a must watch for everybody who has a daughter ~

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