Thursday, 13 February 2014

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This Creatures of the Wind AW 2014 Ready-to-Wear outfit is so Elle Woods' First Day at Harvard Law. Meaning, I love it.

Baha! Canada gets in on the Sochi bashing in the best possible way.

I'm over a week late with this, I know, but Coco Solid's Pop Cultural Rituals of Waitangi Day: Why I Annually Don't Care If I Harsh Your Mellow is still relevant and worth reading. (via Emma)

Brain injuries suck. Here's a family that is currently being affected by one, and could use your support.

If you are a parent of a daughter, this will likely resonate with you ~ The Imperfect Art of Raising a Feminist. (via Lani)

"It wasn’t one moment that radicalized me; it was all those tiny injustices and moments of recognition and identification that added up. It was watching the friend’s eating disorder almost kill her, and wiping the other friend’s tears after her rape, and hearing about the other friend’s attempts to get birth control pills without her parents realizing it, and the gropes by drunk guys in the bar, and the drunk guys getting mad and calling me a bitch because I said No, and the lack of girls who looked like me in the media, and the nice guys whom I said Yes to, and the creepy first boss who made inappropriate comments, and supporting friends coming out to their families, and Tori Amos, and Hole, and The Cosby Show, and Roseanne, and Cindy Lauper, and Sassy Magazine, and Margaret Atwood, and Zora Neale Hurston, and the Montreal Massacre and that first Women’s Studies class in university. All those things and more informed my feminism and led me to search for language to describe my experiences. It’s not a perfect feminism. It is lacking and has vacuums in it and is steeped in a particular time and place and economic class and educational experience. But it strives. It seeks. It reaches."
Patrick's Review of Roald Dahl's Esio Trot begins with "Fuck this book. Don't read it to your kids." Read the whole glorious review to find out why. (via MorganHopes)

"Complicating matters, mothers assume a disproportionate number of time-sensitive domestic tasks, whether it's getting their toddlers dressed for school or their 12-year-olds off to swim practice. Their daily routine is speckled with what sociologists Annette Lareau and Elliot Weininger call "pressure points," or nonnegotiable demands that make their lives, as the authors put it, "more frenetic.""
Where are the realistic TV moms? This piece has me wanting to re-watch Roseanne, which is probably not the worst idea in the world. (via Phd in Parenting)

These CCOKCs are hilarious ~

(via Morgue)

How some of the best television theme music ever was created ~

(also via Morgue)

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