Friday, 3 February 2012

Wilder Wardrobe

Apa took this photo, & said "What's with the super hero pose?" I'll tell you what ~ this photo represents a successful day as a new Mama. Not only have I got the washing hung out to dry, but I've also managed to take a shower, AND wash my hair. Whoop Whoop! It's all about lowered expectations and celebrating the small victories these days. Now, to the outfit:

Cardigan ~ Vintage (Hand-me-down)
T-Shirt ~ Evil Genius
Tube top worn under T ~ Supre (Hand-me-down)
Jeans ~ City Chic
Sneakers ~ Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Earrings ~ Artikel (Not so good for when a tiny baby is trying to nuzzle into your neck)
Watch ~ Nixon Cannon (Gift)
Ring ~ Meadowlark

And now for some of Kowhai's outfits:

Onesie ~ Hand-me-down
Booties ~ Gift

Onesie ~ Cotton On (Gift)

Cardigan ~ Gift (Hand knitted by my Aunty)
Top ~ Just Kids (Gift)
Pants ~ Hand-me-down
Socks ~ Pumpkin Patch (Gift)

Jacket ~ Hand knitted by my Mum

Onesie ~ Cotton On

Hat, leggings & socks ~ Hand-me-down
Top ~ Gift

Onesie ~ The Warehouse (Hand-me-down)

As you can see, when you have a baby you get given A LOT of clothes.

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